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We Answer Your Questions Here

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about getting the right policy.

What is an auto insurance quote?

This is a free estimate of the premiums you will pay for a certain plan. Like auto loan quotes, insurers will take into account your credit. Moreover, insurers also take into account your driving records, type of vehicle, demographic information, and more to estimate the premiums of your policy. We partner with a large network of insurers that can provide you with a quote.

How do I apply for a policy?

You can apply for price estimates by filling out our free, online form. We will ask you for some basic contact information and then provide you with a free estimate from at least four different insurers. You will see these estimates side-by-side to help you compare them easily. We also present our information in simple, straightforward terms to help you make certain that you are comparing apples-to-apples.

What are the advantages of applying for a policy on your site?

First of all, we are not an insurer, so we are not trying to sell you our policies. Our goal is simply to match you with insurers that can provide an affordable, quality protection to you. This also means our information is accurate and unbiased. Secondly, we are a one-stop-shopping site for those in the market for a policy. Instead of having to visit dozens of sites looking for the best deal, you can get a quote from up to five different companies with one simple form. Finally, our service is free and comes with no obligation. You can apply for coverage and view different offers without having to commit to a policy. In fact, we even let you save your quotes for later, if you wish.

Who will actually provide my policy?

Several companies partner with us to provide you with your estimate. Which companies provide your estimates will depend on your location, needs, and preferences. You will have your choice of at least four different insurers when you apply for a price estimate on our site. We partner with some of the best companies in the industry, including Farmer's, American Family, Nationwide, and Allstate.

How can I keep my premium to a minimum?

You can minimize the cost of your plan and your price estimates by raising your deductibles and eliminating unnecessary coverages. The higher your deductibles, the lower your premiums will be. Similarly, you might consider eliminating medical payments coverage if you have good health insurance or collision coverage if your car has little to no cash value. Check out our safe driving tips page for more information on reducing costs.

The better you understand how auto insurance works, the more informed you will be as a consumer when shopping for an auto insurance policy.